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Most asked questions

What is the purpose of this software?

The software generates chapters for YouTube videos, allowing you to easily create chapters for your videos, saving you time and money! Chapters help with SEO, video engagement, and overall viewer experience.

How do I use the software?

Simply paste a YouTube video link into the designated field, adjust the "granularity" using the slider, and wait for 60 seconds. The software will generate a list of timestamps, which you can then paste into your video description on YouTube to create chapters.

What does the "granularity" slider do?

The granularity slider determines the level of detail or frequency of the generated timestamps. A lower granularity will result in fewer chapters, while a higher granularity will create more detailed chapters, potentially highlighting specific topics or moments within the video.

Will adding chapters to my videos affect their performance on YouTube?

Adding chapters to your videos can improve their SEO and user engagement, making it easier for viewers to navigate and find specific content within your videos. This can potentially lead to increased watch time, better audience retention, and higher search rankings.

Can I use this software for videos or podcasts on platforms other than YouTube?

While our product only supports YouTube, you can still generate timestamps for other platforms by uploading your video or audio file as an unlisted YouTube video. You can then generate timestamps as usual and paste them into the description on other platforms. 

How can I report bugs or issues with the software?

If you encounter any bugs or issues while using the software, please report them through the support button on the top left of any page of InstantChapters.

Can I cancel anytime?